Prologue Projects was founded in 2019 by Slow Burn co-creators Leon Neyfakh and Andrew Parsons. We specialize in producing honest, original, and beautifully-crafted narrative and analysis in audio and TV.

Leon Neyfakh

Leon Neyfakh is the host of Fiasco and co-creator of Slow Burn. Before starting Prologue Projects, he was a reporter for Slate, the Boston Globe, and the New York Observer. He is the author of the book, "The Next Next Level."

Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons is executive producer of Prologue Projects. His work has been featured on Marketplace, Studio 360 and Snap Judgment, among other outlets. Before arriving at Prologue Projects, he co-created and produced Slate's Slow Burn, and was senior producer on the history show BackStory.


Arlene Arevalo is Prologue Project’s assistant producer. Before working at Prologue, Arlene interned at Pineapple Street Studios working on Pineapple’s “Back Issue”, “The 11th”, and “Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai”. In their free time, Arlene likes to read books and watch reality tv.


Before joining Prologue, Dustin co-created and was a producer on the podcast Louder Than A Riot, which investigated the interconnected rise of hip-hop and mass incarceration. He also worked as a producer and director on NPR's Weekend All Things Considered.


Danielle Hewitt is a senior producer for Prologue Projects living in Brooklyn, New York. Before coming to Prologue she produced Slate’s daily news podcast, What Next.

Madeline Kaplan

Madeline Kaplan is a producer for Fiasco from Toledo, Ohio. She previously worked as a researcher for Slate's Slow Burn and an intern for NPR's Ask Me Another. In her free time, she enjoys rewatching TV shows and making crossword puzzles.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is senior producer on Fiasco. After over a decade in non-fiction TV development, Sam pivoted to audio, producing immersive audio tours for and podcasts including Crimetown Season 2 and Unladylike. Her work has appeared on ESPN, Slate, Studio 360 and more. Sam joined Prologue Projects to produce The Edge: Houston Astros.


Lena Richards is a senior producer at Prologue. Before joining our team she was at Sony Music, where she made a few shows including Bad Blood: The Final Chapter. Before that she made things at NPR and Morning Edition. Lena likes making podcasts, sure. But she also really likes using a hot glue gun, and playing pickle ball.


Katherine is a producer on Fiasco. She previously worked as a reporter/producer on the podcast Trump, Inc from WNYC and ProPublica and most recently, Crooked City from Truth Media. She got started in journalism as a freelance reporter in Kigali, Rwanda, covering the country’s rapid development.

Rachel Ward is the senior producer on 5-4, as well as freelance audio producer and editor. Her credits include hosting and producing Chompers and Surprisingly Awesome at Gimlet Media, producing Morning Edition at NPR, and hosting and reporting at WXXI in Rochester, New York. She has an MA from Ohio University's Scripps College of Communications and a BA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland but weirdly, she is not from Ohio. You can find her at